FP-100 SuperPro Volume Pedal

The FP-100 Volume Pedal uses a revolutionary technology developed by Telonics Inc. that accurately senses the angular position of the pedal. Using this information, it then determines the volume setting according to the Taper selected. Not mechanically linked, the sensor isn’t like a potentiometer, it doesn’t use a light beam or led, nor does it work like an old fashion tilt switch; it truly measures angular position. Housed in a beautifully machined case, made from two solid blocks of aluminium, hard anodised with laser-engraved markings, the quality of the pedal is stunning. The internal circuit design and construction is equally impressive, maintaining your guitar tone from input to output with unrivalled accuracy. Beyond the amazing Multi-Taper capability, the features of this unit are plentiful – a Minimum On for each taper position, mechanical Drag and Return settings, a Stereo option, a software programming port to keep your pedal up to date, and much more. However, with all this wonderful technology controlling the pedal there is an important unsung feature; your guitar signal always remains in the analogue domain, and never is it converted to digital or processed by a DSP. Recently, the internal design has undergone a review, and the FP-100 SuperPro has now replaced the FP-100 Multi-Taper Pro and Standard models. Note, some older text may refer to the Pro and Standard models.
Telonics FP-100 Mono