Handy Patch MC100 MIDI Controller

The Handy Patch is a MIDI Controller used to remotely select MIDI presets or patches on an effects unit, or any device that accepts MIDI Program Change data. MIDI connection is made using a standard MIDI lead, or a 7 Pin MIDI lead that also sends power via the MIDI cable.

The up and down arrow push-buttons allow the presets to be sequentially selected. Fast push-buttons 1 and 2 allow rapid access to specific presets. The Handy Patch also allows Control Change data to be ‘attached’ to presets. This for example allows the volume level (CC7) to be set for each preset. The CC value can be read, changed and stored using the CC wheel. For more details download the Handy Patch User’s Manual.

Manufactured in the UK

Handy Patch MC100