Based in the UK, trained as an industrial electronics development engineer and having run his own electronics company, Mark has engineered and refurbished equipment for many applications. His passion and enthusiasm for music has led him towards building, refurbishing and repairing amplifiers and effects pedals. Listed below are some of the jobs and projects he’s worked on: –


Fender amplifiers – many types, both vintage and modern.

Peavey amplifiers and effects – many types, both vintage and modern.

Marshall amplifiers – mainly valve.

Mesa Boogie amplifiers – early types.

Orange amplifiers – valve.

Traynor amplifiers – vintage.

Vox amplifiers – vintage.

WEM amplifiers and Copicat’s – valve and transistor/IC.

Boss and other stomp pedals.

Laney amplifiers – 80’s onwards.

19” rack effects equipment and preamps – vintage and modern.


Customised equipment for touring artists and musicians.

Programmed effects and produced presets/patches for manufacturers.

Development of new equipment – some used today by world class acts.

One-off designs to solve a unique problem.

Preamps for guitars and other equipment.

Designed RISC based microprocessor equipment – for MIDI applications, etc.

Assisted manufacturers with EMC and CE regulations/compliance.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Mervyn J Futter

Merv & Maria

Mark recently repaired our stage mixer (which I manged to knock of its stand at a gig), and it sounds as good as it ever did.

He also serviced and corrected many faults on a Peavey Special 130 I’d just purchased. Thanks to him this amp now sounds amazing. He’s a genius and I can’t thank him enough for going the extra mile for us to get our equipment back in tip top condition.

John Doe



John Doe



John Doe