TSNEO Guitar Speakers

Used in Telonics speaker enclosures and combos, the TSNEO range is carefully voiced to complement steel guitar and clean guitar applications. Using neodymium magnet technology, and a specific combination of materials, the TSNEO is a speaker that ticks all the boxes.

Power handling capability of all speakers is 300W.

The TSNEO-15-4 (4 ohm impedance) is a 15 inch high power driver, weight 7.75lbs, overall depth 6.75″ (17.15cm).

The TSNEO-12-4 (4 ohm impedance) and TSNEO-12-8 (8 ohm impedance) are 12 inch high power drivers, weight 7.2lbs, overall depth 5.63″ (14.30cm).

Individually tested, Telonics properly breaks in every speaker before shipment.

Telonics TSNEO-12-4
Telonics TSNEO-15-4