Need a Pedal Steel Guitar Part for Your Track?

Send us a mix of your track in MP3 or WAV audio format. If you’ve used click, a separate click only track might be helpful. Files less than 10MB you could send via email. Larger files we suggest sending via WeTransfer.

Use email address:

Let us know any thoughts, regarding the type of part you’d like, or when you’d like the steel to come in / drop out, and the time scale for the part to be returned.

We’ll confirm the cost etc, and when complete email a mix of your track with the new part in MP3 format. When you’re happy with the part, we’ll forward the part in WAV format via WeTransfer, or your preferred method, for you to drop into your DAW.

Playing both the E9th and C6th necks, in the studio Mark uses a D10 Emmons Push-Pull steel, a D10 Infinity steel and a D10 Zum Steel. Since around 2010, Mark has used Telonics Pro Audio amplification equipment for steel guitarists. His studio setup varies, but the Telonics FP-100 Volume Pedal and Telonics LeMay Mk1 Preamp are usually part of the chain. Currently he’s using a Focusrite Clarerett sound module, the PreSonus Studio One DAW, and monitoring using Focal Solo 6’s.

In the studio recording on the Emmons PP pedal steel guitar


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Paul Rogers

Singer Songwriter Guitarist

Mark has added some wonderful pedal steel to a track for my forthcoming CD. All done remotely, quickly and efficiently, would highly recommend!

Jonas Kjellgren

Bourbon Boys / Producer

I can highly recommend Mark if you’re in need of a very talented pedal steel player, he really hears what the song needs without giving any specific instructions. The tracks he played on with Bourbon Boys really lifted the production and feel of those songs to another level. Quick turnaround time and all the tracks sound stellar, tight and in tune. Magic vibrato skills as well. Easy to communicate with and no bullsxxt 😁

Mered Morris

Singer Songwriter Guitarist

Mark has played on my last 3 albums and his playing has taken each track he’s played on to a different level.

I’m not a Country artist, and my songs are probably not typical pedal steel tracks, but Mark is a supremely empathetic player able to capture the feel of the song perfectly every time.

Craig Mapstone, presenter of the ‘Welsh Connections Playlist Show’ which showcases the best in Welsh Music on radio stations world-wide, has described Mark’s playing as World class: I’d heartily agree!

John Doe

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