TCA500C Standard / Mini Combo

The TCA-500C Combo Amplifier is part of a series of products developed by Telonics Pro Audio for the guitar and steel guitar. This amplifier brings together carefully researched and highly developed guitar amplification circuitry with specialized cabinet and speaker technology in a single product.

Those who are familiar with Telonics preamplifiers, such as the LeMay Mk1, PRE-200 and the latest PRE-1000 may recognise many of the controls. Behind the front panel, this amplifier uses the same high-quality components and similar circuitry. Processing the guitar signal using the highest quality analogue circuitry maximises the detail of the dry (non-effected) tone. The onboard digital reverb only adds room ambience to the existing signal if required. The powerful Dry/Wet Fader control and Post EQ Send/Return Loop allows external effects to be added in series or in parallel.

Standard and Mini versions of the combo amplifier are now available. The Standard has a 1U rack slot and 15” speaker. The Mini has no rack slot, with either a 12” or 15” speaker. A small and lightweight design, the TCA-500C Mini 12 has recently become a popular choice.

Mark – The Telonics website details the incredible specification of the TCA-500C range. Players, engineers and Telonics CEO Dave Beaty carefully considered the benefit of every feature before adding it to this combo; they added nothing for show! But, perhaps the most impressive feature of this amplifier is its plug-and-play ability – In seconds players find a great tone.

Telonics TCA-500C Mini 12

Telonics Mini 12 with Extension Cab